Rørtilkoblinger og rørreparasjoner

This course is the beginners guide to the solutions available for everyday pipe connections and repairs. The content within this course will give you the knowledge and confidence to specify and sell best practice solutions to the marketplace and spot the areas for opportunity within your own business.

ICON: Hvordan skjøte et rør når du ikke kan få en kobling på utsiden av røret

This course gives you an understanding of the difficulties contractors sometimes have when they come across pipes that are cut off at a wall or floor, covered in concrete or the confines are simply too small to get a reliable traditional coupling installed.
You'll also gain the knowledge of how to easily overcome these issues and which products will allow for fast, efficient and cost effective connections in the above mentions scenarios.

Alt du trenger å vite om koblinger for rør med store diametere

This module will provide you with the knowledge you need to specify, sell or use Flexseal's large diameter couplings.

Bruker du riktig kobling for å koble til et UltraRib rør?

This module will inform you of the problems and solutions around the connection of UltraRib specifically.

How Fernco saddles can have a BIG impact on your bottom line (FOR MERCHANTS)

This course will give you an understanding of the commercial benefits of specifying saddles. You'll also be armed with techniques of persuasion for this product range.

What is a Ring Seal?

This course will give you an understanding of what a ring seal is and the benefits of using it.

Multibush: gjør Fernco-produkter universal for vanlige tilkoblinger

This course will provide an overview of the different solutions that the Flexseal Multibush will provide. It will also outline the associated products which can be used in combination with the multibush to make a universal connection.

Påkoblinger for dobbelveggede rør

This course will give you a detailed understanding of how Flexseal saddles can be used to make reliable lateral connections into Twinwall pipes, regardless of pipe brand. You'll gain a knowledge of the benefits of specifying saddles over factory made junctions from a usability and commercial point of view. The course explains how merchant re-sellers can maximise their own profitability when supplying Flexseal saddles on projects whilst ensuring sell out prices are competitive.